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Be Safe

You can not wait to get away from it all?? Your holiday is that time of year.



While in a hurry to pack up the suntan lotion and your slippers, you need to remember that your home is especially vulnerable to thieves while you’re away.

It helps if you can give the impression that someone is still living in the house, especially if you plan to be away from your home for more than a couple of days.

Making sure that your home insurance policy is up to date there are simple things you can do to protect your property and belongings.

We put together a few tips that will keep your house safer and gives you a peace of mind:

  • You should also avoid discussing your holiday plans with strangers – such as the friendly cab driver en route to the airport – who might pass the information on.

  • Make sure that you cancel regular deliveries, such as milk or newspapers.

  • Close your curtains before you leave the house so that thieves can’t see in.

  • Installing timer switches to lights so that they switch on each evening is a great way to suggest that someone is inside. Another one attached to a radio is effective too.

  • You can arrange for your post to be held at your local sorting office, or even forwarded to your holiday home.

  • Ask a neighbour to park a car on your driveway, and keep an eye on your home, for the duration of your time away.

  • Make sure that your home security is up to scratch and window locks are in good working order – government statistics show that 30% of burglars get in through windows.

  • If at all possible, lock your valuables away – in a safe is you have one – or put smaller items, such as jewellery and important documents in a bank deposit box.

  • Cut your lawn the day before you leave that will also give the impression that you are still at home.

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