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Parking At The Airport

You ask, We answer!




What is 'Valet Parking' or 'Meet and Greet Parking'?

You drive direct to the Airport Terminal at a pre-arranged time and the Valet Parking Company will take your car and store it in a fully secure facility for the duration of your holiday. On your return from Holiday your vehicle is delivered to you immediately outside the Terminal.

What is 'Park and Ride' parking?

You drive to the car park and you are transported to the Terminal in a bus or coach. This can take up to an hour with some car parks. The advantage of Valet Parking over Park and Ride is clear.

What’s ‘on airport parking’ and ‘off airport parking’?

On airport parking:

Either run by the airport authority themselves or by an independent contractor. The car park is actually within the airport perimeter and shuttle busses run regularly between the airport terminal and the car park.

Off airport parking:

Usually run by independent contractors. Located outside of the airport perimeter, you drive your vehicle to their designated meeting point, then either catch a shuttle bus to the terminal or get chauffeured there in your own vehicle.

Is Valet Parking expensive?

Not necessarily. If you compare prices to that of ‘On Airport Park and Ride' operations and you will see that in lots of cases Valet Parking is cheaper.

For many people parking at an airport is an expensive extra which comes as a necessity rather than a choice.

If you are on a slim budget and looking around for value for money then off-airport parking is the best option. The down side to park & ride off-airport car parks is that they have longer transfer times which once you arrive at the car park, can take up to an hour to get to the airport in a bus or coach. This is unnecessary travelling time and only adds to the general hassle of getting to your destination. In most cases you will pass your car keys over and the operator will park your car for you.

Valet Parking or Meet and Greet Parking is not generally the ‘more expensive’ option of parking at Gatwick but without doubt IS the most convenient and quick way of getting to the check-in desk.

However, passing your valuable car over to someone else to be driven somewhere off-airport is not in everyone’s interest.

We have sourced all the available information from the Gatwick Parking Suppliers and we have listed a few of the reputable Gatwick Parking operations including Park&Ride and Meet&Greet/Valet Parking:

  • Airport Meet and Greet - valet parking

  • APH - park & ride

  • Airparks - park & ride

  • Ace Parking - valet parking

  • Help Me Park - valet parking

  • Maple Manor Parking - valet parking

  • Meteor Parking - valet parking

  • Tudor Rose - park & ride as well valet parking

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